That We All May Be One

Sisters and brothers:

Well, I’m going to give this a try! Mainly, to “unload” some thoughts and wonderments about “unity.”

I am a bishop of the Episcopal Church, serving as ecumenical officer of our denomination and based in New York City. So, I am concerned about the unity of the Christian Church (no small task!) but also about unity between people of faith everywhere. And the unity of the human family.

If you share these concerns, stayed tuned. And, I’d love to hear from you!



5 Responses to “That We All May Be One”

  1. Bill Folwell Says:


    A great idea! It will interesting to follow this in time to come.

  2. Pierre Whalon Says:

    Dear Chris,

    Very cool! Keep it up. Mine is at the above address. Can I point to yours (of course that means you’ll have to write more…)?


  3. +dbm Says:

    Chris, look forward to this. Thanks. +Bruce

  4. Harry W Shipps Says:

    I look forward to “what’s happening” that the media doesn’t report as well as personal opinions.

    What has happened to “Mary, Grace & Hope in Christ”? At GC?
    Anything happening as a result of our new agreement with the UMC?


  5. Sarah Dylan Breuer Says:

    Welcome to the blogosphere! I’ll be a regular reader, and will start linking to content as you continue posting.



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