My wife and I live in New York City – in a tiny, one bedroom apartment in midtown. Happily, it is on the 19th floor of an older building which happens to overlook the East River. It’s nice to be able to watch the sun rise over the horizon — as I did this morning — and to go to sleep at night seeing the twinkling lights, across the river in Queens — as I did last evening.

We don’t see as many pleasure boats as we used to, when we lived nearer the Hudson River in Chelsea. Mostly working boats now, wonderful tugs pushing tankers and freighters from God-knows-where around the world. Having grown up near, around, and in the water in Florida, it is a great grace — here in the Big Apple — to be able to see and experience the water every day.

I think of how water unites us: we must have it to survive; it comes “from the heavens and return(s) not again, but water(s) the earth, bringing forth life and giving growth, seed for sowing and bread for eating” (Isaiah 55); it connects us across the planet, river to sea, ocean to ocean; continent to continent.

It is actually “the sacrament of unity” in more ways than one!

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