Commitment and Conversion

Today begins what is known as The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity. Observed for decades by Catholics, Orthodox and Protestants, it begins on the feast day commemorating “The Confession of St. Peter” and ends on the feast day commemorating “The Conversion of St. Paul.”

In other words, it begins with Peter acknowledging Jesus as God’s Anointed One and ends with Paul’s dramatic conversion on the road to Damascus, becoming a follower of this same Jesus.

The road to unity among Christians is not an easy one. At its core, it must be a kind of “spiritual ecumenism” — a renewal of our commitment to One we all follow and an openness to conversion…a willingness to change!

May God hear our prayers for unity this week!  

2 Responses to “Commitment and Conversion”

  1. JCF Says:

    I know I’m too late (for the WPCU, Jan. 18-25), but I nevertheless join you in your prayer, Bp. Epting.


    I’m just sorry there weren’t any (that I heard of) WPCU events in my local area. Is it just me, or has that “Ecumenical Winter” taken another temperature drop? 😦 [See how we Anglicans have gotten so g.d. *fractious* among ourselves, that we’re neglecting our traditional vocation/charism to ECUMENISM within the larger Body of Christ? Lord have mercy!]

  2. ecubishop Says:


    We have made enormous progress since WWII in the ecumenical movement. Sometimes we take two steps forward and one step back; sometimes one step forward and two steps back.

    It can be frustrating. But, if you can’t take the long view, you will have trouble being an ecumenist. The church was one for 1,000 years…it has been divided for another thousand…perhaps the third millenium will find us back together again.

    Unless, Jesus comes back first!

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