Anglican – Orthodox

                  Agreed Anglican – Orthodox Statement Released

The International Commission for Anglican – Orthodox Theological Dialogue has released The Church of the Triune God, an ecclesiological statement registering considerable agreement over a wide range of issues on the nature and mission of the Church. The introduction to this 117 page document states that “the publication of this Cyprus Agreed Statement concludes the third phase of the Anglican – Orthodox international theological dialogue. It began in 1973…(and) the first phase of the dialogue was concluded by the publication of the Moscow Agreed Statement in 1976. The publication of the Dublin Agreed Statement in 1984 brought its second phase to a conclusion.”

Episcopal Bishop Mark Dyer and Greek Orthodox Metropolitan John (Zizioulas) of Pergamon have been co-chairs of Commission and write in their preface that this statement “is offered to the Anglican and Orthodox churches in the hope that, as it is studied and reflected upon, it will help Christians of both traditions to perceive anew the work of the Triune God in giving life to His Church, and draw us closer to that unity which is His will for all the faithful.”

Sections of the book are entitled The Trinity and the Church; Christ, the Spirit and the Church; Christ, Humanity and the Church; Episcope, Episcopos and Primacy, Priesthood, Christ and the Church; Women and Men, Ministries and the Church; Heresy, Schism and the Church; and Reception in Communion.

I think a lot of folks will be surprised at the level of agreement reached over the years between our two families of churches. There is much to reflect upon in this little book which will be helpful to us, not only ecumenically, but within our own Anglican Communion in these days.

Just so you’ll know: copies are available through the Anglican Communion Office in London or the Office of Ecumenical and Interfaith Relations, 815 Second Avenue, New York, NY 10017.

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