Holidays, Holy Days, and Sabbath

Observing Mary Magdalene’s feast the other day and St. James today, while on vacation, reminds me of how important the “sanctification of time” is. Our “three score and ten years” (perhaps, in strength, even eighty!) pass away quickly enough.  It is important to appreciate each day, each week, each passing of the seasons.

I believe the Bible’s commandment that we set aside one day out of seven for rest and recreation, to step back from our work and remember that are not defined by it is absolutely essential. If we do not observe such a rhythm naturally, we may try to create it — and the peace and serenity it provides — artificially perhaps with drugs or alcohol or casual sex or whatever. If we deny our need for sabbath time, we will get sick.

Similarly, the “summer holidays” (or whenever we take some time off) are important as well. I shall be making entries on this little blog periodically, as it seems appropriate and fits into my more restful mode. But, if I miss a few days, just know that it’s because I’m on “holiday” (which term, by the way, I much prefer over the American “vacation.” For these are not empty, vacant, or vacated days — they are “holy” days!)       

One Response to “Holidays, Holy Days, and Sabbath”

  1. rwk Says:

    May you find it a time of rest for the body, mind and spirit. Amen.

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