Pray…and Work…for the Peace of Jerusalem

After a long overnight flight to Tel Aviv, the Presiding Bishop, her husband and I were welcomed at the airport by Bishop Suheil Dawani’s Special Assistant, several clergy from St. George’s Cathedral and driven to Jerusalem.
Stangely, it always seems like “coming home” to me even though this is only my fourth visit to the Holy Land. There is just something about being here…so close to where it all happened! All of it, really…
After lunch we were briefed on our new bishop’s initiatives for peace and reconciliation in this troubled land including an expansion of the wonderful Kids4Peace program which brings together equal numbers of Jewish, Christian, and Muslim 10 and 11 year olds for an experience of summer camp in the USA or Canada. Amazing results which Bishop Dawani wants to duplicate here locally, and more and more in the schools.
Tomorrow, we begin the holiest of weeks in the holiest of places. Bishop Katharine will preach at Palm Sunday services here at our Cathedral of St. George and in the afternoon we will join the Latin Palm Sunday Procession from the Mount of Olives down to the Holy City intself. I’ve made this procession before…but never “on the day.” It should be wonderful!
Mainly, we are here on pilgrimage…but also to show solidarity with the brave but dwindling number of Palestinian Christians who try to exercise a moderating influence in the region and pray…and work…for the peace of Jerusalem.      

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