Violence and Strife in the City

The Psalmist once wrote that he had seen “violence and strife in the city.” Surely that lament is still valid today in this Land of the Holy One.
The recent tragedy of Jewish students slaughtered in their yeshiva was followed by targeted assassinations of Palestinians in Gaza which was followed, on Tuesday (while we were in the Old City), by the stabbing of a right wing rabbi near the Damascus gate.
Violence begets violence in a never-ending cycle of retaliation.
And yet here we are, about to begin our celebration of the Triduum and Easter in the land where it all happened.
Where God’s Son absorbed the violence, sin, and hatred of the ages into himself and took it down with him through his death on the Cross.
Why will God’s people not imitate his prayers?
“Father, forgive them for they know not what they do.”
“Be one as the Father and I are one.”
For…”It is accomplished!”   

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