Risen Indeed!

Gathering in a dark courtyard in the early evening…a small bonfire kindled…the candle blessed…many more lighted…
Procession into a darkened church…an ancient hymn chanted by the deacon…the old, old, old, story told…Easter greetings by an apostle’s successor…baptismal vows renewed and water sprinkled…the Bread…the Wine…
Joy…in the final hymn “Thine Be the Glory” sung at the top of many lungs in a packed little church…in the laughter and smiles all around…in the faces of a Nigerian pilgrim band who could not wait to have their picture made with our Presiding Bishop….so much so that they broke into the “receiving line” outside the church and held up the whole process until every single one had been photographed with her…We laughed and laughed and laughed with joy…
Easter in Jerusalem…
He is Risen Indeed!

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