Preparing For Pentecost

O Giver of life,

who brought all things into being,

sustain and replenish your whole creation

that it may reflect your glory.


Come, Holy Spirit.

fill all ife with your radiance.


O Spirit of Truth,

who convinces the world of sin,

consume, as a mighty fire,

the powers of evil that bind your people

and set us free to walk in your light.


Come Holy Spirit,

and illumine our hearts and minds.


O Spirit of unity,

judge, restore, and call us again.

bestow on us the gifts

that build us up into your people.


Come Holy Spirit,

and light the flame of love

on the altar of our hearts.


O Holy Spirit,

transform and sanctify us,

that we and all people

may have life in all its fullness.


Come Holy Spirit,

Renew the whole creation



(A prayer from the Seventh Assembly of the World Council of Churches) 

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