Common Mission: What Is It, Really?


Tom Ferguson and I are here in Berkeley CA presenting at CDSP’s “Epiphany West” Conference –Baptismal Water: Thicker Than Blood. It has a real ecumenical theme. I am presenting on the WCC document “Nature and Mission of the Church.”


But Tom and Jon Perez, a member of our Lutheran Episcopal Coordinating Committee and pastor of Epiphany Lutheran and Episcopal congregation in Marina, California did a major piece called “Common Mission: What is it, Really?”


If you, like me, sometimes wonder about that, go to Epiphany’s web site


and see what one fine congregation is doing. Even better, click on their “Called To Common Mission” link and find a list, and contact information, for many, many such examples of common mission!


It is gratifying for our work to take a look!

One Response to “Common Mission: What Is It, Really?”

  1. JB Says:

    The second link you suggested (similar calls to common mission) was cool to see.

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