The 76 General Convention Begins

We’re off to a good start at the 76th General Convention of The Episcopal Church meeting in Anaheim, CA. Our Legislative Committee on Ecumenical Relations has already gotten our full communion proposal with the Moravian Church in North America out into the legislative process and the House of Bishops has already passed and forwarded our modest mission proposal with the Presbyterians over to the House of Deputies.

We have similarly forwarded a resolution to begin formal theological talks with the Church of Sweden on an eventual full communion relationship to the Deputies.

We are now at work in “perfecting” the Interreligious Theological Statement, giving this church its theological rationale for engaging in such dialogue. We knew there would be changes, many of them are very good and constructive. Our only fear is that too much “word smithing” once it comes to the floors of the two Houses will result in it being lost in the legislative morass due to the press of time.

The opening Eucharist was lively and fun. The Presiding Bishop’s sermon, as always, eloquent and challenging. Last night the Archbishop of Canterbury spoke as part of the panel on the global economic crisis and was similarly well received. Perhaps even more importantly, he and over 20 other overseas bishops and primates are experiencing this strange and wonderful animal called “General Convention” and getting to know our church better.  

We shall see what today (Thursday) brings!

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