Blessings and Budgets

An emotionally exhausting day here at General Convention yesterday. The House of Bishops approved study of liturgical rites for same sex blessings to be presented at the 2012 General Convention in Indianapolis. We also encouraged a generous pastoral response to those gay and lesbian couples especially in states where legal marriage is now possible for them.

This stops short of authorizing official rites of blessing and, in my opinion, remains within the Windsor guidelines of “pastoral responses” to such persons.

Hard decsions were made with respect to the $24 million triennial budget deficit due to the economic meltdown in this country and around the world. Some 30 of the 180 Church Center staff (including my Associate) will be let go, and program dollars have been cut by about 25%.

We did not expect to be spared the kind of financial impacts felt by other churches and the society at large. Nonetheless, yesterday was a painful day, and we grieve over the loss of our colleagues and the curtailment of such important work.  

One bit of good news in all of this is that we maintained much of our commitment to the poor and to mission, both domestic and foreign. By and large we denied ourselves, but tried to keep faith with those so much less fortunate. For that good faith effort, I give thanks.

2 Responses to “Blessings and Budgets”

  1. goodbye Says:

    I wish you the best on the path you and the Episcopal Church have chosen. It is one in good conscience I cannot walk. Good bye.

  2. ecubishop Says:

    With sadness, please know of my prayers and best wishes. Especially that you may find another loving and faithful Christian community.

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