Friday Morning


It was on a Friday morning/ that they took me from the cell,
And I saw they had a carpenter/ to crucify as well.
You can blame it onto Pilate/ You can blame it on the Jews.
You can blame it on the devil/ It’s God that I accuse.
It’s God they ought to crucify/ instead of you and me,
I said to the carpenter/ a-hangin’ on the tree.
To hell with Jehovah/ to the carpenter, I said,
I wish that a carpenter/ had made the world instead.

-Sidney Carter

One Response to “Friday Morning”

  1. Judith McGivern Says:

    There is a lot of the middle of the song missing
    “You can blame it onto Adam you can blame it onto Eve, you can blame it on the apple but that I can’t believe. It was God that made the apple and the woman and the man and there wouldn’t be an apple if it wasn’t in the plan.”

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