Where Are The Voices of Our “Friends?”

Well, now that Kenneth Kearon, Secretary of the Anglican Communion, has turned Rowan Williams’ “proposal” into law, I am less sanguine not only about this new exercise of power from the Church of England, but also about the feasibility of the whole “Anglican Covenant” proposal (which heretofore I was supporting).

That which was purported to be “non punitive” (i.e. Section Four of the Covenant) will likely be used in a punitive manner if the Secretary General does not feel the need to wait until the Covenant has even been ratified to begin flexing his office’s muscle. I am increasingly inclined to have to agree sadly with Diane Butler Bass’ conclusion that it’s really beginning to unravel now.

Whether we choose to accede to Canterbury’s “request” or not, I want to hear from others in addition to Archbishop Fred Hiltz and the Anglican Church of Canada in support of The Episcopal Church!  Where are voices from New Zealand, parts of Australia, Japan, Brazil, South Africa, and Scotland and other “friends” at this outrage?

We do not ask for agreement with all of The Episcopal Church’s decisions. Just some respect and an honoring of Anglican polity as it currently exists…not as some might wish it to be!

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