A Modern, Technical Covenant

I wonder of the proposed Anglican Covenant, now to be studied and debated in Church of England dioceses (as we have been doing for years now) is not best understood as a thoroughly “modern” response to a “postmodern” reality. Or even as a “technical” response to “adaptive” change.

Neither has much chance of working in the world and church of today, I’m afraid, and trying to force it will not likely prove helpful.



One Response to “A Modern, Technical Covenant”

  1. Lauren Gough Says:

    For one who has worked in an ELCA parish for a few years before I retired, I find all this “who is in and who is out” stuff very tiring. And from one who is so finely educated and scholarly, I would expect more of the ABC. But perhaps you are right. It is a modernist approach to the cleavage that is happening among us. With +Gene I have to agree, the Church “has gotten better.” Not just for LGBTQ folks, but anyone who is seeking a deeper relationship with all that is Holy. I have no idea what the church is going to be like 50 years from now, but I know that my Redeemer lives.

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