To Blog or Not to Blog – from the House of Bishops

Great to be back at the House of Bishops! Can’t remember starting off quite so quickly or intensely!  “Back in the day,” we used to sort of “ease” into the heavy stuff.

After a challenging address by the PB to “show up” in the various challenging venues of today’s world, we had a report from a committee on changes in governance of The Episcopal Church, concerns about the new Title IV Canon revisions (clergy discipline), a report from the committee on same gender blessings, and from a group looking at devising a process for the “reconciliation or dissolution of a pastoral relationship between a bishop and a diocese!”

Wow! For the new bishops: welcome to your new role!

There was also a discussion about the appropriateness of “tweets” and “blogs” from this House. There is a real tension between using the technology we are all becoming used to, and the confidentiality of the House and particularly sending out electronic communication quoting specific people when, in fact, we are simply partway through a discussion and may have reached no conclusions.

It’s a real issue and I intend to be sensitive to how I “blog” here. Certainly, I do not intend to fire off half-baked ideas in the midst of ongoing discussion. But I do think it appropriate to send out this kind of summary as our days unfold.

We shall see…

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