A “Sabbath Day” With the Moravians

Nice “sabbath” day on Sunday. We had Morning Prayer at 9, a brunch at 11:30, and a free afternoon. I continued my Lenten reading in N.T. Wright, Marcus Borg, and Jon Dominic Crossan New Testament Studies. And…took a nap.

This evening we had a “Fireside Chat” with the Presiding Bishop which is one of the private conversations on which we are not to “report” since they are of a confidential nature. But…there were no “blockbusters” and the tone was basically upbeat and positive.

We concluded the evening with a Moravian service of worship, presided over by five Moravain bishops of the Southern Province. As is typical, it was deeply prayerful with lots of singing, a humble and prayerful spirit, and with a focus on the unity of the Church for which Christ prayed.

The five bishops were robed in beautiful and generous surplices, the Eucharistic prayer complete with a rehearsal of salvation history, epiclesis, and words of institution. Communion was adminstered to us in the pews and we all retained the elements until everyone was served and then we all received together.

I heard no complaints about the blood of Christ being received as grape juice in tiny cups (although I’m sure there were some). However, the palpable devotion and orthodox prayers probably led most to believe that this was indeed “The Body of Christ, the Bread of Heaven” and “the Blood of Christ, the Cup of Salvation.”

We need to learn from each other’s traditions, be open to grow and change, and realize that — as the Moravians often say — we need “unity in essentials, tolerance in non-essentials, and love in everything.”

The House of Bishops experienced that tonght…

3 Responses to “A “Sabbath Day” With the Moravians”

  1. Jeanne Schwarz Says:

    I like the Moravians’ focus of unity, tolerance and love. Have a good HOB meeting.

  2. Lon Says:

    Gotta love those Moravians’. Coming from a Wesleyan tradition we all know the impact they had on John Wesley. Also, the Church of the Nazarene founder, Phineas Bresee had a similar saying. “In essentials unity, in nonessentials liberty, and in all things charity”. Maybe he took it from the Moravians. Thanks for a peek into your Sabbath.

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