Hello, Chicago!

It was a joy for Susanne and me to be at the Diocese of Chicago’s Convention last weekend (Dec. 18-19) and to receive a warm welcome as Bishop Jeff Lee announced that I would become Assisting Bishop in Chicago on January 1. This will be a part time position in which I will do two visitations per month and be assigned some other modest responsibilities perhaps in the ecumenical/interfaith arena or with pastoral care of clergy and families.

I intend to remain canonically resident in the Diocese of Iowa and physically resident in Davenport so I’ll be “on the road again” traveling, not only in Western Illinois, but throughout the entire diocese.

As I said on Friday evening this is a “coming home” of sorts since I graduated from Seabury-Western Theological Seminary in 1972 and was ordained to the transitional diaconate by Bishop Jim Montgomery that same year in my field work parish, Church of the Advent in Logan Square. We have always loved Chicago and the diocese seems to be a lively place these days. I look forward to being part of the new leadership team, working with Bishop Lee and the faithful across the diocese.

Jeff Lee challenged the Convention (and through them, the wider diocese) to have at least one meaningful conversation with another person about God, their faith, and their lives — evangelism at its simplest and best. Secondly, to engage in some serious Bible study and reflection using one of the many tools out there to assist in this. And finally, to engage in some kind of intentional outreach “striving for justice and peace among all people.”

Three very practical ways to carry out the Diocesan vision — Grow the Church, Form the Faithful, Change the World. Let’s get it on!

2 Responses to “Hello, Chicago!”

  1. Cynthia Hallas Says:

    It will be great to have you in Chicago with us!

  2. intentionalepiscopalians Says:

    Welcome home!

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