Pretty peaceful next-to-last day of General Convention 2012.  The South Carolina deputation and its bishop, Mark Lawrence, left early in a kind of protest but (so far) are not threatening to leave the Church.

The House of Bishops concurred with the Deputies on the budget for the Triennium and also with the resolution setting up a process for a special Task Force and large gathering during the next three years to consult widely and make suggestions for the restructure of the adminisration and governance of The Episcopal Church at our next Convention.

I made a plea on the floor of the House of Bishops for deacons’ voices to be heard and included in this whole restructure process. Not an easy thing given how often they are overlooked in the councils of the Church. At least the House heard the concern. Now, we will need to follow up with the new President of the House of Deputies and the Presiding Bishop of make sure it happens!

We finished our work early in the House of Bishops and left the Deputies hard at work. We’ll meet tomorrow morning for our final work and a concluding Eucharist.

All in all, not bad work.


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