New Year, New Blog

                                            New Year, New Blog

Well, not exactly. More like New Year, re-newed blog. For years “That We All May Be One: Reflections on Unity” has focused mainly on ecumenism, spiritual renewal, sermons, etc. As I move into retirement, I find that my passion for unity is still the same, but I am much more interested in the unity of all people and the building of a just and peaceful world which I believe is the job assigned to us by the God I continue to serve.

So, I intend this web log to become a (mostly) daily reflection on current events seen in light of the quest for that kind of unity. Since 2016 is a Presidential election year (had you heard?) there will no doubt be some attention paid to that aspect of our common life, but I hope I can do that without excessive partisanship.

I clearly have my party and my candidates, but in a day when name-calling and partial truths (not to say, lies) stain the debates and the ratings-hungry media propel the most extreme and outrageous candidates into the spotlight, I hope to steer clear of that kind of rhetoric and highlight good ideas and approaches, from whatever party or candidate I believe will foster the unity, justice and peace for which we all yearn.

Hopefully, these reflections will range far and wide, beyond politics and religion, but will take a look at other aspects of life – literature, music, film, social media, spirituality, even sports – as these things contribute to the unity and wholeness of the human family. I will welcome comments and conversation either on the blog site itself or on Facebook and Twitter to which it will be linked.

My intention is to keep these reflections to a few paragraphs or a page at the most. We are all busy and, besides, most things that are truthful can be said in very few words. It’s when we begin to embellish that we often go astray.

So…let’s see what the New Year has in store!


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