You are precious…You are mine.

An excerpt from my “gospel novel,” John Mark (available on Amazon) as we remember the Baptism of Christ, this Sunday:

“As the waters of the Jordan closed in over his face, he felt that part of him was dying and being buried in that green water. But as John brought him up through the river’s surface it was as if the waters above the firmament as well as the waters below, were torn apart.

It was as if that spirit which had once swept over the face of the primal waters now resided upon and within him. From deep within, or from somewhere far away, he sensed a kinship, a oneness with the source of that spirit, the kind of convergence which says,

‘You are part of all this…your are one with all this…you have a special role to play in all this…You are precious…You are mine.'” (John Mark, page 13)

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