Finally (Too Late?) Trump Is Called Out

Well, it has finally happened. An “establishment” Republican has decided to take on Donald Trump, challenging his half-truths, deliberate misrepresentations, and narcissistic bluster. Whether it is too late remains to be seen, but I thought Marco Rubio was right on target last night. Ted Cruz less so.

The GOP slug-fest was still not actually a debate what with everyone talking at once, ignoring the rules, and hurling personal insults. (Compare and contrast with the thoughtful, civil arguments almost exclusively focused on the issues the Democrats conduct). But at least, Rubio called Trump out and seems to have landed a few body blows, even though many of the Donald’s supporters could probably not care less.

I am no Rubio fan and would prefer someone like John Kasich carry the Republican banner into the Presidential elections. But Marco is infinitely preferable to Ted Cruz and I’m afraid Kasich is just too far back to make up ground now.

One thing is clear: should it turn out to be Rubio versus Clinton, we could have an actual debate about two distinct visions for America if Marco can resist the temptation to make this all about Hillary’s e-mails and Benghazi. Both these candidates can (if they choose) be articulate spokespersons for Republican and Democratic philosophies and world views.

Let’s have such a debate (no matter who the finalists are) and honor the American people with a clear choice  between potentially viable and competent candidates for the Presidency of the United States.

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