Miss Them Already!

I shared a Facebook post yesterday with a stunning picture of Michelle Obama and words about what an intelligent, classy, and scandal-free family we have had in the White House over the last eight years. Had a lot of “Likes” and agreements, but a surprising number of hateful comments one of which stated that he couldn’t wait until the Obamas “slithered out of the White House.”

I responded that I could understand disagreeing with Barack Obama or even believing that he had been a bad President, but saying (as he did) that the Obamas were “hateful, arrogant and crude” was beyond the pale! Anyway, my original caption on the post was “Miss them already.” Today, I realize that it is not only the First Family that I will miss, but so many of his Cabinet members and appointees who have made me so proud representing us around the world.

Today, I watched Samantha Power lambaste Syria and Russia on the floor of the United Nations with a powerful speech. She said, of their brutal siege of Aleppo,”Is there nothing that can shame you? Are you truly incapable of shame? No act of barbarism against civilians, no execution of a child that gets under your skin…?” And much more. I was so proud of her…

I have had similar moments of pride watching Vice President Joe Biden, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, Secretary of State John Kerry and so many others in the Obama Administration. And I have compared them, in my own mind, with the embarrassment I used to feel when we were represented to the world by the likes of Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, John Ashcroft and so many other sterling members of the last Republican Administration.

Now, shaking my head every day at the next outrageous appointment by President-elect Donald Trump, I fear we are in for another four years (please, please….only four years!) of embarrassment on the domestic and foreign stage. I can only hope that Congress will step forward and be not only a moderating influence but provide a “face” for the US government in which we can feel some pride.

Actually, Senator Rand Paul (for whom I actually have a lot of respect, even while sometimes disagreeing with him strongly) has begun to do just such a thing by vocally opposing ridiculous Trump appointments like John Bolton as Deputy at the State Department.

Even if such Senators and Representative do step forward with some regularity, such figures will get much less attention from our sensationalist media than Donald Trump’s outrageous Tweets and, undoubtedly, those of his Cabinet. Ah, if we just had four more years of the Obama Administration…

Miss them already!





One Response to “Miss Them Already!”

  1. Kim Anderson Says:

    Could not agree more with what you had to say Chris! What still surprises me is the anger and hate with their words. How did so many people get so angry and could care less about their words? It is a different world today and I am not sure I will ever understand. Enjoyed hearing your comments.

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