Disappointed in Barack

I will be very interested to see what Barack Obama has to say this week in his first post-presidential address at the University of Chicago. So far, I have not been impressed.

It’s not that I begrudge the Obamas taking a well-deserved vacation after eight grueling years in the White House. But it seems to me that he could have sent a better signal than jetting off from Washington for Palm Springs and then to the British Virgin Islands where he was seen kite-surfing with British billionaire Richard Branson. Oh yeah, and then the Obamas spent nearly a month in the French Polynesia on another yacht.

This is the same kind of disappointment I felt when learning that my former president was moving into a nine-bedroom mansion a few miles from the White House instead of returning to their relatively modest, but lovely, home on the South Side of Chicago.  After his speech to at-risk youth in the Windy City today, Barack will begin a series of handsomely paid speeches in a conversation with Doris Kearns Goodwin (which should actually be quite interesting — she is something else!) and then embarking on a speaking tour in Italy and at the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Is Barack Obama really no different from every other politician?

I did not expect him to criticize openly Donald Trump in his first 100 days in the White House. The ” we only have one president at a time” philosophy is a time-honored one. Except when the Donald himself chose to violate it time and time again during the campaign. As Sarah Kovner a New York Democrat who raised more than a million bucks for Obama’s campaigns recently observed, “Why are we not hearing from him? We’ve got to hear from him. Democrats are desperate!”

Today’s speech in Chicago could be a time for the former president to begin to turn things around. Even without mounting a full assault on the Trump Administration, Obama could begin to send us a signal that his post-presidency will begin to take the shape of Jimmy Carter’s or even Bill Clinton’s (whose Foundation, despite all the criticism, has done enormous amounts of good around the world). Barack Obama could begin that trajectory today. Or…

Is Barack Obama  any really no different than any other politician?

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