Balance of Power

The Constitution of the United States of America envisions three “co-equal” branches of government – executive, judicial, and legislative. Wary of kings and monarchs, dictators and tyrants the framers wanted a robust system of checks-and-balances to rein in abuses of power by any one branch. This wise system is badly broken today both on the state level and in Washington DC.

We have one party rule run rampant and our very way life is being threatened.  In addition to the need for balance of power between the branches of government, I believe we need to even out partisan representation in the legislature and even in the judicial system which is supposed to be non-partisan, but is not. This to reassert the classic checks-and-balances function the Constitution envisages. Iowa used to have such divided government and it served us well. What some may have called “gridlock” may actually have been a safe-guard against tyranny.

When you vote in 2018 and 2020 I would encourage you to keep at least one eye on a balance- of- power approach. Let’s alternate the political party of the President and Governor, re-balance the legislature, and thereby influence judicial appointments so that the Courts, both statewide and nationally, once again make decisions based on the law, not on political pressure or ideology. This will require a united effort by Democrats. We would benefit too from Republicans and Independents being willing to cast votes for Democrats this time around. Let’s bring some parity back into government and see how things go. We can always recalibrate in future election cycles if we don’t like the way things turn out.

(Letter to the Editor, Cedar Rapids Gazette, July 24, 2018)



2 Responses to “Balance of Power”

  1. Roxie Says:

    Release the tapes!

    Michael Avenatti convinces judge to bar media from his testimony on his law firm’s bankruptcy – despite demanding transparency from everyone else

    Several news organizations, including The Associated Press, are seeking to unseal a transcript of Avenatti’s testimony. A hearing is set for next month. (August)

  2. Roxie Says:

    They only want the truth….

    She is also prohibited from causing bodily harm to either Crain or the couple’s seven-year-old daughter Caiden and from allowing the little girl to spend any time with ‘adult performers’.

    Outside court, Pool said: ‘I find it amazing that Michael Avenatti and Ms. Daniels have denied the accusations and said they only want the truth yet have not appeared in court.

    Imagine using your client to be a total sleaze in hooker clubs where the Democratic caucus is huge, first DC, then Ohio, then get arrested….then planned to move on to other cities to his “political” advantage …………and then he ditches court for her. So much for family separation…and that is another horrid story with Avenatti.

    But the media has to stay out of his dirty deeds…for now.

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