It’s Not Just The Star

It’s not just the star

Guiding some Eastern sages

It’s light for us all

Christians take their Christmas trees down today. Actually, most of them already have!  But regardless, this is Epiphany and the Twelve Days of the Christmas season are over.  If the essential message of Christmas is that “God is with us” the essential message of Epiphany is that this message is for all the world.

The sweet story of some Persian astrologers (we’re never told how many there were) following a wandering star to a baby’s rough-hewn manger in Bethlehem is the gospel-writer Matthew’s way of telling us that he believes this Jewish child will grow up to be a “light to the nations.” The message of God’s love, seen in a particular way, in the life of Jesus is intended, not only for the people of Israel, but for all the people of the earth.

We are all “the Chosen People.” Chosen, not for privilege, but for a mission. The mission? To cooperate in building a world united in bonds of justice and peace. For Christians, this is done by following the example and teachings of a first-century Jewish rabbi named Jesus and by forming partnerships with people of good will everywhere who share that same dream. So,

It’s not just the star

Guiding some Eastern sages

It’s light for us all

Happy Epiphany!


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