Haters Gonna Hate

We were out for dinner together last night. Soon, two older couples (yes, even older than we are!) came in and took their places at an adjacent table.

One of the men had barely taken his seat when he began loudly complaining about President Obama’s promise to take executive action to tighten background checks for certain gun purchases. His point seemed to be how wimpy that made the President.

His male counterpart across the table then made a sneering reference to the fact that Obama was shedding tears while speaking of the mass slaughter of children at Sandy Hook Elementary School. “I couldn’t believe it,” this man said, “He didn’t even know them!”

“Yeah,” replied his companion, “I really think he’s been sent here, undercover-like, to undermine this country.”

Thankfully, the waiter arrived with the menus at this point and the conversation moved on to their dinner choices. When my blood pressure returned to normal, I decided against taking him on in this public space (or breaking the nearest chair over his head — my first inclination!) but the lovely evening had certainly lost something of its luster.

What could prompt such vitriol? Partisan politics? Racism? Ignorance? Perhaps all of the above. Certainly, lack of compassion. Lack of the ability to “suffer with.”

To quote Nicholas Kristoff in today’s New York Times Op-Ed Guns, Tears and Republicans:

“The critics in the G.O.P. who scolded the president for weeping while talking about shooting deaths have it wrong. We should all be crying.”


3 Responses to “Haters Gonna Hate”

  1. Scott Elliott Says:

    Facebook sneers I have seen have mostly been along the lines, not that the President wept when speaking about murdered American children, but that he failed to weep when “ordering the murder of children in drone attacks” in Afghanistan or wherever. Haters indeed gonna hate.

  2. Christopher Epting Says:

    Fair enough. Just not comments I have seen, or heard.

  3. Daniele Says:

    Salt and pepper to taste and thrrow some cheese onn top. That’s akin to saying that Frankenstein and
    George Clooney are “nature-identical”.
    The meat often gets stuck to the device aand becomes difficult to remove.

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